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For 20 years, we have enjoyed the friendship, devotion, and love of many a Bulldogge. Each and every Olde English Bulldogge has been a joy, has touched our lives and has his and her own personality.


Dogface Kennels was founded in the 1980's. In the late 80's originally breeding American Staffordshire Terriers, then Johnson Line American Bulldog, and we loved our Mastiff line that followed. But each had some draw backs for us; they were a bit big, or a bit hyper, or simply had a bad rep. we could not over come. All wonderful dogs in their individual way, but then, in 1990,


we met the Olde English Bulldogge. Everything we had been looking for in a family companion. Friendly, Protective, Loyal, NOT Hyper, Great with the Kids.....AND still having that "Tough Guy Look" while having a "Soft Heart"

At that point we purchased Hermes LIne Bulldogges from Mr. & Mrs. Hermes. Big, Bold and Beautiful, Hermes Line Bulldogges were some of the best we had the privilege to interact with.

hermes lines 

And now after generations of careful consideration to health, form and temperament we are proud to say our Olde English Bulldogges are not "Just Dogs", they are "Dogface's".






We chose the name Dogface for very special reason close to our hearts.

The nickname "Dogface" dates back to WWII. A nickname given to the Army Infantry Soldier, given to those who stormed the beaches and walked the battle fields for their bravery. A nickname given also for that natural "American Charm" they showed the ladies....This is our small acknowledgement, our proud of you "tip of the hat" to all our military service members past and present.

For us one breed out of hundreds show this same Fearless but Charming temperament, the Olde English Bulldogge. Not a breed who will back down, but still a breed who prefers to charm their way thru life. A breed who's loyalty to family and home matches those WWII soldier's, and all soldier's, dedication and loyalty to Country and family.

 Throw in a bit of good old fashion "Stubborn as a Bulldog" and you have what we consider the epitome of the attitude and traits of the Dogface Soldier of WWII.


In our breeding program we look at many deciding factors. A good health record in not only the potential breeder but also that breeder's ancestral health history. Good shape and form, how each litter of puppies has improved upon the Bulldogge look, and we never inbreed mother to son, etc. In our opinion one of the most important factors is what personality traits do we want to continue through. A bulldogge mom must be confident, well behaved and friendly to be able to teach her puppies those basic behavior pluses during the first few weeks of life.


We raise our puppies in our "dogge" home with the firm belief social interaction is the key to a happy and healthy start on life.

Pack raised, with mom and multiple others, helps make our Olde English Bulldogge puppies some of the best socialized puppies you can find.

We like to encourage social interaction with others, at dog parks, or "dogge" play dates at a young age. This will help keep your Olde English Bulldogge both dog and people friendly.


A good start on crate training and potty training is also one of our goals. While none of our Bulldogges live in crates we do have night time crates. The doors are left open, but puppies and older dogs often "climb in" for their nap times and sleep times. Ideally a crate is equivalent to a den, a safe place for a dog to go, not a punishment or a place to be forgotten.

Potty training starters at about 6 weeks old for our Dogface's. We have found allowing puppies to follow mom and other trained dogs outside to do their "business" and praise from us each time, has given our puppies the best start at this serious training issue.

If you are looking for simply a family companion and best friend we do encourage spay and neutering. Let's avoid "accidents". By spay or neutering your pet you help eliminate the unwanted mix breed puppies, you can lengthen the life of your companion, and keep high testosterone driven problems in males at check.


Here are some of our Best Friends




Dogface Olde Bulldogges have been bred for all of the finer qualities

of the bulldog of the King John's era....

guard, defense, power, health and agility,






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